It’s About Time

Release Date: 2005
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Produced by Jamie Page

Recorded by Jamie Page and Don James at Office Studios and Studio Roka at Grandview.

Artwork and Layout by Becky Gordon

Replication by Debra Miner

Project released in memory of Ann Page (my grandmother) and Terry Mashburn (my sister-in-law).


Jamie Page – Keyboards, acoustic guitar and Additional Programming

Angela Page – Flute

Michael Miner – Drums

Tom Cole – Guitar

John Robertson – Bass

Mike Glass – Harmonica

Cathy Cox, Mike Glass, Damien Shafer and Jamie Page – Background Vocals

Track List:

Way Back in 68

The Drive

What a Wonderful Life

Laying Down My Life

There Used to be a Time

My First Love

Trusting You

Stir Me

Lay it Down


All songs by Jamie Page

One Voice Music, ASCAP

© 2005 Destiny Records and Jamie Page