Shake the Foundation

Release Date: 1987
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Produced by Jamie Page and Geoff Thurman

Engineered and Mixed by Doug Sarrett at Goldmine Studios, Nashville, TN and by Chuck Sugar at Rivendell Studios in Houston TX

Arranged by Jamie Page, Geoff Thurman and Paul Mills

Art Direction by Alan Kawakami


Jamie Page, Geoff Thurman and Paul Mills – Keyboards

John Hammond – Drums

Jerry McPherson – Guitars

Mike Brignardello – Bass

Fred Middlekauff – Horns

Pam Mills, Becky Thurman, Geoff Thurman, Steven Curtis Chapman and Jamie Page – Background Vocals

Track List:

Under Fire – (Geoff and Becky Thurman)

Shake the Foundation – (Jamie Page, Dave Rose and Becky Thurman)

Bottom Line – (Jamie Page, Geoff Thurman, Becky Thurman)

Not by Might – (Jamie Page, Geoff Thurman, Becky Thurman)

The Lamb that was Slain – (Jamie Page, Becky Thurman, Geoff Thurman)

Burning Bridges – (Geoff Thurman)

He Is – (Geoff and Becky Thurman)

Silent Strength – (Jamie Page, Dave Rose, Geoff Thurman, Becky Thurman)

Broken Dancer – (Jamie Page and Dave Rose)

One Step Beyond Today – (Jamie Page, Alan Kawakami, Becky Thurman, Geoff Thurman)