Still There

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Produced by Jamie Page

Recorded and Engineered by Don James and Brian Becker at Rolling Shoals Studio and Wheeler Audio

Cover Art by Brian Mahieu

Art Direction: Carl James


Jamie Page – Keyboards

Mark Thompson – Acoustic Guitar

Tom Cole – Electric Guitar

Greg Spillman – Bass

Mark Miller – Drums

Michael Miner – Percussion

Fred Middlekauff – Horns

Brian Becker, Toni Becker, Joe Bex, Allen Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Ken Jenkins, Doug Phillips, Betty Potts, Damien Shafer, Mark Thompson – Background Vocals

Track List:

Praise Him – (Lenny LeBlanc; Maranatha Music and Lensongs)

Give Thanks to the Lord – (Mark Thompson; One Voice Music, ASCAP)

You are My Destiny – (Ray Hollis; ICU Music)

I Can Do All Things – (Jamie Page; One Voice Music, ASCAP)

He’s Still There – (Jamie Page; One Voice Music, ASCAP)

I Want to be Pure – (Toni and Brian Becker; Tonionio Music)

Sanctuary – (Scott McLeod, Ross Haskinson and Anthony Skinner)

I Will Enter In – (Jamie Page; One Voice Music, ASCAP)

Tell Me When – (Jamie Page; One Voice Music, ASCAP)

Faithful to All Generations – (Jamie Page; One Voice Music, ASCAP)

He Rejoices Over Me – (Jamie Page; One Voice Music, ASCAP)

There is a River – (Jamie Page, Mark Thompson, Tom Cole, Greg Spillman and Michael Miner; One Voice Music, ASCAP)

All of My Days – (Jamie page and Angela Page; One Voice Music, ASCAP – hidden track)


© 1999 Destiny Records and Jamie Page