I have heard all the things that You want me to be
And I know that it’s taken some time for me to see
That the message You sent is love
And the time to recieve it is now
You’re the only chance to find forever
And the only one who knows how

I will be one of those that will heed your every call
So give to me the strength that I need so that I won’t fall
I can feel Your Spirit moving in me
Like a new day’s about to start
I know Your power’s running through me
Like a thunder building in my heart

Spirit Mover I know I’m a part of Your plan
Spirit Mover You’re molding my heart in your hands
Spirit Mover, Spirit Mover

I can’t quit with every move that I make I start to soar
This is it with every breath that I take I love You more
So I thank You for the chance to know You
And I thank You for Your patience too
I’m hoping that You’re ready for me
Cause I’m giving my life to You

By Dave Mullins and Martie Eschito
c 1985 Joy and Sorrow Music, ASCAP