A message received by a distant son
From a dying father to resolve any wrong done
At first the son refused to have any part
Of a man he’d erased from his hardened heart

Every mile held a memory
Of a forgotten child waiting endlessly
For a smile filled with love that he needed so much
But he never found in his father’s touch

If he just had a few more days…

A dying father reveals the guilt
Of a life consumed by the fortunes he built
He’d sacrificed love to maintain first place
And the price once paid is carved on his face

The image of strength he had kept for years
Has faded and left him to die in fear
With every breath he struggles to stay alive
Holding on to hope that his son will arrive

If he just had a few more days…

Then he cried to his Creator once kept so far away
And God forgave this hard and foolish man
Now he wants to break the unseen walls and set aside the years
To embrace the heart of lonliness and end the bitter tears

They may not have a few more days
To say everything they needed to say
But God can take the anger away
If they just had a few more days
If they just had a few more days

By Jamie Page, Geoff Thurman and Dave Rose
c 1992 One Voice Music, Oakenshield Music and Meadowgreen Music, ASCAP