Used to be life was a big undertaking
Minute by minute just getting by
Used to be love was so aggravating
Promises lost in the heat of the night

I needed answers someone to see me through
I couldn’t make it at all

Used to be tired of living for the moment
Passion and pain would tear me apart
There’s been a change I know for the better
Your healing love out a flame in my heart

Then in an instant Your flame became a fire
I felt the touch of a friend

Now I’m burning all of my bridges behind me
Dropping this heartache I knew so well
I don’t know where tis direction will take me
Only time will tell

Now I see life as so entertaining
Day after day at peace with my Lord
Love is a gift once given so freely
Back from the grave to open life’s door
Hotter and hotter these chains just melt away
This fire burns out of control

By Geoff Thurman
c 1987 Meadowgreen Music, ASCAP