I see their faces in the magazines with their picture perfect smiles
They flash across the TV screen in the very latest styles
They try their best to tell to be like them is what I’ve got to be
But all I want to be like is the One Who created me

I’m a imitator of the power greater than any power known
I’m a imitator of the Life-Creator Who is calling me to go
To follow Him forever to His heavenly reward
I’m a imitator – imitator of the Lord

I’ve made some heroes out of movie stars and idolized musicians too
I’ve seen their mansions and expensive cars and I’m impressed by all they do
They’re worshipped by the millions who follow every move they make
But they don’t even hold a candle to the One I wanna imitate

I’ll follow His example to be like Him is what I want to be
A reflection of His image so His love can shine through me

By Lynn Keesecker
c 1985 Manna Music, ASCAP