Never thought I’d be in this position
Always thought I knew my life’s ambition
But life is somewhat crazy and I’ve been thinking lately
I’m not sure I know just what to do

Should I play it safe or take some chances
Not knowing what’s ahead it’s hard to answer
Frightened by the future afraid I’ll be a loser
Honestly, I don’t know what to do

Lord, I know You’ve called me given me job to do
With so many options it’s difficult to choose
Help me, Lord – make the picture clearer
Show me what to do

Lord, You know I’ve gone through all the motions
Saying faith is nothing like emotion
Lord, I hate to mention, I’m filled with apprehension
Waiting on that special sign from You

Lately I have learned a simple lesson
God depends on me to make decisions
When choices are selected, I’ll pray for His direction
He will guide the steps that I take

By Jamie Page
c 1985, One Voice Music, ASCAP