From day to day you go on questioning
When will you ever see that nothing is too hard for Me
When I’m living in your heart

You know I’m able to provide for you
But you must trust in Me and hold fast to my Word of Truth
I can meet your every need and I will give you perfect peace

Not by might and not by power
But by My Spirit says the Lord
It is not by might and it is not by power
But it’s by My Spirit says the Lord

I gave my Son for you on Calvary
And when He rose again I set the Holy Spirit free
He is strength for all your days
He will care for you always

You will know I am true to the things I have spoken
For I’m holding you in my hands
When you ask in My name I will fill you completely
I will give you the faith to stand

By Jamie Page, Geoff Thurman, and Becky Thurman
c 1987 One Voice Music and Meadowgreen Music, ASCAP