Here I am I’m in a jam I suppose it’s nothing new
Just when we had hit it off I bit off more than I could chew
So Lord I’m at Your throne again, I’m looking for relief
I know I can depend on You, Lord help my unbelief

One more time tell me that You promise You will never leave me
One more time coming to my rescue, once again receive me
I call Your name and open arms stretch out to pull me in
I am walking back again – one more time

Head in the clouds or in a crowd I know You’re watching me
Protected always by Your hand that I can’t even see
I live so close to danger, I’m resting in Your care
You never fall asleep on me, You don’t get tired of being there

Forgiveness is not just for the worldly man
Daily I must keep walking back again – back again

By Lynn Bowden and Lisa Brady
c 1985 Big V Music, ASCAP