I feel so restless deep inside
I have a thirst only You can satisfy
I want to drink of the Spirit’s wine
My heart’s desire is that I may know more of You

I long to live in Your holiness
I yield my all so I can be Your righteousness
Your still small voice must be all I hear
My eyes are open I can catch a glimpse of You

I’m taking one step beyond today
To understand deeper things You have to say
I know You will teach me Your ways
For I see the door open and Your Spirit wants to lead me
One step beyond today

I have Your Word hidden in my heart
I know Your Truth will be revealed in me
I amazed at the wonder that You are

By Jamie Page, Geoff Thurman, Becky Thurman, and Alan Kawakami
c 1987 One Voice Music and Meadowgreen Music, ASCAP