When I gaze at Your creation and awesome kind of wonder comes to rest on me
I am blinded by a vision of rich and splendid beauty far as the eye can see
Day after day the skies proclaim everything You’ve done
I well up with praise and I worship You for I feel Your power rising in me

Straight to the heart I see Your Spirit flying
Straight to the heart like a river flowing free
Pour out of my mind to the place where I can know You
Straight to the heart

The Lord of love is righteous near to all who call upon His mighty name
And the Lord of life is faithful yesterday, today forever still the same
Awake O my soul and praise my God and exalt His name
For His hand has been shown to be great and strong
And His spring of life it rises deep inside me

Music and Lyrics by Jamie Page and Geoff Thurman
C 1987 One Voice Music (Adm by Music Services) and Meadowgreean Music, ASCAP