Took a little drive on a Sunday Night
Down by the river moon shinin’ bright
There in the distance I saw a glowing light
Well I couldn’t make out just what it was so I kept on drivin’ just because
I was curious to see what was gonna come

As I came around the curve I could see
This little white church in front of me
The windows were up and the doors were open wide
The building it was swayin’ and voices called out sayin’
“Hey stop awhile and everything’ll be alright”

They were singing songs about layin’ burdens down
About righteousness, forgiveness and grace
Then a flood of memories started to sweep me off my feet
Then I realized my heart was beginning to race

I decided I would check it out
See what all this noise was about
So, I climbed the stairs and I quietly slipped inside
Well the tambourines were thumpin’ and the choir man was jumpin’
I could tell this party was gonna go on all night

The drums were in a groove and the B3 started to wail
And the bass was layin’ down licks I’d never heard
The harmonies were tight; I could’ve listened to them all night
Then above it all the guitar started to scream…

As I closed my eyes, I’m just sure that I could see
A band of angels all around me
Then I recalled this little boy who’d been wounded by this world
He’d forgotten how to laugh and how to dream
That boy was me but on that night God set me free

As I drove back home in the mornin’ sun
Blown away by all God had done
Tears of joy they filled my eyes again
I still can’t believe it’s really true but God freed me from the pain I knew
Now I’m curious to see what’s about to come
Can’t wait, can’t wait to see no, no
What’s about to come

By Jamie Page
c 2004, One Voice Music, ASCAP