I can still recall that night way back in 68
Hope burned to the ground, dreams were shattered and gone
Didn’t know where to turn couldn’t see where to go
They were all alone
Marriage on the rocks, everything coming down

But then God’s love broke through like the sunshine on a winter day
From the ashes of the past He began to make something new
Forever set free from the failures of yesterday
I’m still not sure how You did it but thank you Lord
For seein’ them through

Kneelin’ at the foot of a silhouette cross way back in 68
Jesus poured out His love and they received His goodness and grace
With the devil ripped off and heaven in sight they were full of joy
Forgiven and freed by a Savior Who died in their place

The story doesn’t end there you see
‘Cause the God Who lives in them now lives in me
And when I hear my children say they wanna serve Jesus all their days
It makes me so grateful for that night way back in 68

By Jamie Page
c 2002, One Voice Music, ASCAP